I have an Instagram that’s mostly food and cats, but sometimes there’s art. Here’s a few things that didn’t make it onto Tumblr.

Lowell  | Lamp Progress
Cogna Detail | Emri & Skeleton
Witch design | Secret Project Preview

Scanning’s tricky. Every scanner I’ve ever used has the default settings really lightly set. Firstly, I highly recommend Epson scanners, they are the best fidelity-wise in my experience.
With my drawings, I scan at least 400 dpi or more, and have the settings so the scanning programme automatically adjusts the levels a bit, though I do darken things more in PS afterward. So long as you have a decent scanner, you can darken significantly in PS without loosing integrity of the scanned image. My drawings are pretty light since I work with pretty hard leads (H through 6H), so not only do I have to compensate for the scan being light, but then darken additionally a bit for the final product. Working with hard lead lets me keep a greater amount of control over my lines, and allows really fine detail. The pronounced paper grain from darkening is just a happy bonus.

@: THANKS, though I think it gives me ulcers, as it is, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else lol

@: It depends on which sticker from which batch you get whether it’s one we made ourselves or one we ordered printed, but we do use StandOut Stickers often, they’re great!

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Classical Painting Redraws! One of hopefully a few between wife (Shy) n co workers (Lisa n Kaylee)<3 
Was an exercise in trying to find what our style is, drawing something given in what we thought our styles were/are. Honestly this was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. Not because drawing but trying to figure out what I do or what I am as an artist. I don’t think i’ve found that yet but maybe I and the others if they’re looking for it will find something in these little exercises we’re doing.
Wasn’t sure how far we should go from the original so afraid mine isnt too interesting @ o @;;;;;
Teal Diana by Lisa Sterle
Pencil Diana by Shy Custis
Painted Diana by Coey Kuhn
Ghost Diana by Kaylee Davis

princessmarly asked: Hello! By any chance, do you have any more Hannibal stickers? I'm really in love with the Bedelia sticker... so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to somehow get one? :)

You can buy them here!

What-do-I-do-now WiP post of a Faust family portrait, in which we’ll gloss over age appearances then pretend they pass as parents & child (and cerberus pet).
Drawing characters between ages 35 and 60 is impossible.

Art TMI time!
I don’t think it’s possible to explain briefly how much, on any given drawing, I add something then take it away, add something, take it away, and repeat into eternity. After so long, I hit that point I have to make myself just walk away for at least a while or I’ll gO INSANE.

So, I guess that’s what I’m doing?
To be returned to one day, maybe??

Anonymous asked: There's a kid at my school who copies everything and he's even re-drawn art but he is the most respected artists at my school. It peeves me but I can't do anything about it. What do you think about it?

There’s a difference between copying and using reference, so if he’s blatantly copying (tracing/copying exact compositions/styles/etc) then, uh, yeah, that’s shit. Call him out on it, I guess?

Advice from an abrasive asstwat.

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Anonymous asked: I realize the best thing to do when stuck on poses is to study life, people watch, take classes, get friends to pose, etc...but do you have any suggestions for online sources when stuck in doors and you feel like an idiot posing in front of a mirror? ;A; I'm trying to break through a rut and you have such a great, fluid grasp on anatomy!

I think photo reference is a fine resource. There’s a lot of arguments about whether photo refs are good for beginners & intermediates, but I’ve never really understood the argument against it; always seemed like some fluffy fine arts “live reference gives your piece life!” sorta junk. Look up anatomy tutorials, books, etc. Learn how the body works, practice, go between anatomy drawings and figure studies. Maybe there’s youtube videos for gestures and/or anatomy??? Seeing the movement of a body dose help so maybe look into that~

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I spent the night tweaking this older drawing. I’ve always liked this one a lot, so wanted to bring it a bit closer to par with current work.

I’ve been in a sort of artistic drought for several months; desire but not a lot of drive, mental energy pretty low, etc. Working my way back into things ♥

Got a commission for stickers of the Borderlands 2 vault hunters :D
yey for commissions involving my interests ♥ ♥ ♥

They’re also for sale on our Etsy, as always.

Anonymous asked: Now that Sherlock S3 is done how did you like it?

Not very well. : /

Oktavia & Eidres
Portraits of my & Coey’s characters for a witchy RP.

@closerinaway: I can only speak for myself in this case, as Coey churns out fully polished pieces at the rate a baby poops, but my portfolio is typically things I find finished enough/proud enough of to display and sell. I think the oldest one I make prints of is from 2009; so for me it’s a build up over time. I definitely work at a very slow pace, but since I focus so heavily on “serious work”, I’m typically able to update my portfolio semi-regularly. (I say typically because this year’s been sort of lacking since there’s been so much going on uhg.)

@faustiel: Probably not- portraits are usually small side projects I do just for funsies and to de-stress. Tho I love the show, I wouldn’t really have much of an personal inclination to draw portraits of the cast since their likeness is already evident in the series. I have taken commissions for stuff like that before, tho outside that I doubt it would happen.

@daughtkWe probably wouldn’t even need a KS to publish F&N, actually! Since printing black and white text pages is waaaayy cheaper than full colour artwork pages. The problem isn’t with funding it’s with evERYTHING ELSE BEFORE PUBLISHING DJKFHDSLK dlskjfhg
The 600-or-so pages we have at the moment need to be massively edited and made more cohesive. Large sections of it need to be completely overhauled. It’s a huge undertaking, one which I haven’t had the time or mental capacity to pick much at. I would LOVE to release it since so many people have expressed such an interest, we just have to get it ready first i’mma curl up under my desk n cry bai

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I made paper dolls of my Kelley and Kenzie’s Asher . ___ .
These are so stupid

Ash’s the most darling baby ok

Oh boy I&#8217;ve been pretty overwhelmed with all the busy-ness going on here &amp; haven&#8217;t really had the time or headspace to do a lot of serious work. Tho I&#8217;ve been chipping away at some older works in progress including this one.
Trying to figure out the balance of values now which I&#8217;m no good at. I really just like to draw, so once the drawing&#8217;s done my brain typically goes kaput.

Oh boy I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with all the busy-ness going on here & haven’t really had the time or headspace to do a lot of serious work. Tho I’ve been chipping away at some older works in progress including this one.

Trying to figure out the balance of values now which I’m no good at. I really just like to draw, so once the drawing’s done my brain typically goes kaput.

officialhankmccoy asked: hey i was just wondering if/when youre going to post more of those original silent hill monsters? theyre super cool and you mentioned theres more to come?

Yeah! I’m still working on them off and on. The last few months have been real insane for me, so I’ve only been able to work on personal projects here and there, but I haven’t forgotten them and hopefully will have enough to post more soon, thanks~

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