Congress might kill my livelihood.

I’m sorry to do this to you guys, again. This blog is first and foremost for my art, and I had no intention of it containing anything else.
But this is a crisis. For all of us who use the internet.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, the US is very possibly about to pass a bill that would give its government and corporations the power to censor the internet in the name of copyright protection. A cause that is noble in idea, but we all are too aware of how terribly these powers get abused. Especially when corporations are given a hand in it (and from the get-go!).

Now, the House of Rep.s has announced they are ignoring all petitions and protests of these bills in their ruling.
And, the petition going directly to the Obama Administration is only limping along toward their 25,000 signing goal.

The reason I break my “art-only”-blog-rule is because—
Well, no. Let’s so this:

Dear men and women of the US Congress, House of Representatives and Obama Administration,
I’m appalled by S.968 and H.R.3261 because of how devastating it would be to everyone in the US- but to an even greater degree, to people like me.

As an artist, my livelihood is built around my presence on the internet. The creative communities and blogs that I’ve built my reputation and business around are threatened by this bill. My husband and I already have found these last couple years hard because of the shaky economy, but if sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr were to be threatened, or god forbid, censored from us and our US viewers, you will have wiped out our entire means of living. My personal portfolio site cannot do all that these communities have done for us and our business. These sites let us connect with people in a way you could never do with traditional gallery-work or exposure. With these sites, we are accessible to our fans and customers, and as such they become more that just fans and customers to us. Thanks to these online communities, the massive networking and exposure had lead to us getting freelance work from well-known media companies, as well as simply sell personal work to support ourselves. Because of these resources, we make our living doing what we love, what we are passionate about. What we do for a living is more than just our job; art is our life.

By passing this bill, sites like YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, DeviantArt, SoundCloud, and pretty much any site that allows independent users to post or edit content, is threatened to be censored to American viewers. It’s ridiculous enough to think this threatens people’s basic rights to express themselves online, but there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the US and worldwide who rely heavily on these threatened resources to sell their legitimate goods and services.

If these sites get blocked, or worse taken down all together, you have effectively left my husband and I without means to support ourselves adequately.

All these corporations that are effected by internet piracy have continually been making billions of dollars, regardless. Their losses because of copyright infringement has not come close to sinking their ships.

Many, many, people’s livelihoods are threatened with extinction if censorship of the internet is allowed.

My sincerest hopes,
Shy Custis,
Columbus, Ohio.

My words will be ignored by congress, just like all the others who have said similar, and the petitions that people have flooded with protest. It’s naive to write it anyway, but I’d like to have at least said something on a public forum.

Please reblog and add your words. Regardless of what you use the internet for.

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    god damnit please not this shit again first it makes pizza a vegetable and now it wants to fuck up literally everything...
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    Don’t forget about this, guys. This battle isn’t over yet.
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    guys, i personally can’t sign that petition but anyone in the US needs to
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