@Anon: UGU~ lol
We were friends for a long time before we started dating- like 4 years or sumthin’. *Apparently* we both had crushes on one another for a goodly year or so before even admitting anything but we’re both dumbbutts so that’s not surprising. The surprising part was that it took another… something like 4 or 5 months after admitting for us to actually start dating? He was the one that confessed he liked me first, so it was “my turn” meaning I was the one that had to ask him out. Dumbbutts.
Idk- it was pretty much solid after that. We were both very serious about the relationship right away. I can’t speak for Co, but for me everything just felt right so there was no reason to not just go all-in committal . Now we’re married with the about the dorkiest wedding rings of the age, 4 beautiful fuzzy children (one that’s special need, unfortunately) and a platonic-live-in-wife, Jing. Rainbows.

@tapiocacupcake: Yes! Sorry, Ohayo sorta cret up on us so we didn’t announce it until a few days ago. Seems like all cons do, anymore. But we’ll be there!

@savethewailes: Yes! I’ll have them at all the cons we’re going to (except Ohayo this weekend because they won’t be here by then). I’d be happy to trade with you, like we always do, ugu. Especially of you’ll have the Gallifreycrumb Tinies in some form * u *

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